Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow Farm



Viking's NB Gilbert and Viking's Sullivan have moved to Celtic Bell Farm

We miss their funny faces and beautiful

Spotted coats;)

 Gotta b Kid n Samantha has moved to Celtic Bell farm...

Bellemeadow Rebecca Tennessee... has moved to Celtic Bell Farm also!

Update! Rebecca Tennessee is Home!

For pedigree combine Samantha's and Jebbie's

 Our sneaky boy Gotalund Jebelleon has moved to a North Florida farm - after he learned he could clear 4' fences with ease!! We will miss him!!:(

 DeLuca Valley Jubellie has moved back to the DeLuca Valley herd. I will miss watching this beautiful guy prance around the field! We saved 2 daughters from him and hope to save a 3rd. Jubellie we found out - is polled!