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Nigerian Goats for sale


Email us through our contact page if you're interested in a certain breeding or have any questions. All kids are dam raised and stay on their dam for 8 weeks. We no longer take reservations before 7 weeks old... but if you’re on the waiting list and we’re keeping in touch - I’ll definitely keep your choice in mind - when deciding who to keep!:)

We welcome you to come and take a look at the new kids when they arrive and spend time getting to know your kid after you decide. 

* All goats must be transported inside a vehicle no exceptions! Ask us about ways to transport your kid.


We have found that we cannot put all of our confidence in a goat’s pedigree. All a pedigree can guarantee ( hopefully:) is that a goat is a purebred.

Therefore; our prices will never be based on pedigree, but rather on the good qualities we see in a kid after it is born. 

Does start at 400

Wethers will be sold for 150

We welcome partial payments by check - but we won’t be able to release the goat until check for final payment clears - or final payment may be made in cash- or PayPal.

If we feel that a buck doesn’t have the potential to improve our herd or others, he will be wethered.

If a doe isn’t one that we would keep to improve our herd, she may be sold at a lower price- without registration papers.

We feel our kids not only carry our farm name, but the Names of quality, foundational, farms, that have been diligent in improving Nigerian goat standards. We want our kids to carry on the qualities that made their parents and Grandparents worthy, if not superior, breeding stock. If they can’t, they will be sold without papers.

We hope that our customers will be inspired by this breeding philosophy and also strive to be responsible breeders!

We also take selling a kid seriously, because we want each kid to have a good home when it leaves our farm. We love our goats and are overjoyed when we find wonderful loving homes for their kids! We reserve the right, to offer kids first to preferred homes, on that basis. We admit, that we prefer our kids go to homes that want to raise them chemical free. Nigerians do make wonderful pets, but the level of care ( in our opinion) exceeds that given to your normal house pet! 

We will be happy to help out new goat owners with the experience we've had, or point them to resources to help them to be the best goat parents!

If you would like more info about raising goats naturally, please visit our other website:

We prefer to have all of kids dam raised. This is not only best for the kid nutritionally, but good for the mom, and good for the person that would rather not milk all the grieving moms!

Kids will be available after they are 2 months old ( or less if we have another buckling like Willie that "matured" a little too soon to be kept with the girls!) at that time they will be weaned from their mom, eating grain, hay, taking herbal wormer balls, and drinking water.

We do not vaccinate or chemically worm our goats. They will be taking an herbal wormer which you can continue after they leave, or chemically worm if you choose of course.

Each kid will be disbudded between 1-2 weeks old and should be healed by the time they leave here. We feel the few seconds of pain the kid feels is not as bad as the injuries that can happen with horned goats.

Each kid will be registerable to AGS, ADGA and NDGA --we will provide the necessary application form. If you allow us to name your kid - we will pay for his/her registration! 

We do, of course, reserve the right to retain any kid that is born on the farm!

Please email us through the contact page if you have any questions!

all kids below are not for sale!