Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow Farm


Gotalund Persephone- 5/29/11 G/W paint - Blue Eyes! AGS/ADGA (Sunny Daze Spiderman X Kaleema Farms Penny Lane)

Queen Fanny

Height (2016) 19 1/2" ( Deceased)


Fanny, as she is known around here, was one of our original does. She is defintely the Queen of the herd, watching out for trouble and keeping everyone in line!

Fanny gave us 2 sets of kids, but probably because of traveling back to our place while pregnant, she lost her last kids during kidding. It was a sad day :(

But she is a tough, strong girl - and within 2 weeks she was running over to say hey to the boys!

However, we can’t be certain that it would be safe to breed her again, so sadly she has been permenantly retired. 

She has strength not only in her frame and build - but amazing health and parasite resistance also! Fanny is on her 4th year of only being herbally wormed and is doing beautifully!

Above: Fanny drying off

Right: Fanny with her 4th set of kids. Such a good mom!

She has the softest skin and coat. Never long and shaggy. Though Fanny is built strong and sturdy- she is also built a little too close to the ground! I would like to see some height added to her daughters. And while we're at it-- she could use a longer neck:}  

Fanny has a nice wide escutcheon and great fore udder- but I would like to see her udder move toward the outside more in her daughters. 

Fanny has a lot of good old genetics in her background--Woodhaven Farms Al Jolson ( Sire to Munchranch Cactus Jack among others) Is also her Great Grandsire along with Twin Creeks LS Suncatcher-- an AGS champion doe and daughter of the legendary Lucky Strike! Other old names like Storybook, Hayseed Farms, Humble Woods are scattered through her pedigree- with of course a bit of Flat Rocks thrown in in the 4th generation! All that old genetics makes Fanny the perfect package to add depth and sturdiness to our future generations!

Here is SG Gay-Mor Blue Looney Meg Ryan EEEE 91! She's Fanny's Great Grandma and what a beauty!  

And MCH 4Fun Gay-Mor Lemon Pot-O-Gold 89.7 VVE Fanny's Great Grandsire. Together these produced Whispering Woods Vera Miles ( Fanny's Grand Dam ) 

Both photos above courtesy of Deb's Whisperwoods