Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow Farm


Bellemeadow JB Ima Dean 10/31/17 ( Gotalund Jebelleon x Nichol’s Acres Maeyella Madeen AGS ) ADGA 


Above: First Freshening udder, second Freshening udder both with twins - not shown full.

Ima’s udder changed dramatically with her second kidding! It is high, with a nice medial separation and her teats have become huge! She milks easily with nice sized orifices! She lacks great side attachments and needs width at the top. The photos above were taken while she still was nursing 1 kid.

Ima Dean and her sister Orphie Amaleen are from Maeyella and a buck my husband brought home as an anniversary present. Gotalund Jebelleon as he was named, was the most graceful gazelle-like goat we had ever seen! He had to be re-homed because he found he could clear a 4 foot fence from a standing position! But he left us with two of the most graceful, sleek beauties! Ima Dean is gojng on 4 years old, and seems to have a youthfulness to her that isn’t going away! 

As Ima has matured, she has only improved ( to me!) she is very long and I love how long she is from her hips to pins!


Ima Dean - Just a few days old- showing promise of a nice shape!

 Ima Dean inherited nice qualities from her Sire & Dam... but she’s also has a slightly higher than I like, dorsal process. I also would like to see her brisket Extend more like her sister.

ima and Orphie were awful biters as kids! I threatened to sell them several times! But, they grew out of it and turned in to the sweetest, cuddly young ladies! Both are perfect on the milkstand and love to give “goat hugs”.

Above-Sire- Gotalund Jebelleon

Ima Dean's 2F udder nursing a 6 month old!


2019- 1 doe - Ida Claire & 1 buck - Baxter

Sire: Bayou Country NB Balleroy

2020 - 2 does - Iva Leigh ( retained) and Isa Dora ( sold)

sire: Little Tots Estate GV Ignatia 

2020- cloudburst:(

2021- 1 buck -Innis ( sold)

sire: Winning Streak EB Bain

2022- 1 doe - Izzie Mae (retained)

sire: Novella K Snapdragon