Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow Farm


Little Tots Estate ES Iberis *B ( Little Tots Estate Ericson *B x Little Tots Estate Syringa 3*M)AGS/ADGA


I couldn’t resist this handsome guy after I saw his Dam’s udder! Lots of room for milk with great fore & rear udder! 

But he also has his own good qualities - like a very nice uphill stance, blended neck and wide escutcheon!

Blue eyes are just an extra!

I’m hoping he can add some width, capacity and height to our girls udders - plus bring down some of those high rear ends!

We couldn’t be happier with our buying experience from Rusty at Little Tots Estate- he’s over the top helpful, knowledgeable and just downright friendly! 

 And some beautiful rear angulation I think!

 Iberis’ Dam Syringa is a daughter of the very nicely uphill, Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue. He had a big part in our decision - Luzifer Blue is one of the most uphill bucks I’ve ever seen! Syringa has earned her REAL milk star and has 3*M after her name, meaning that she is the 3rd generation to earn a milk star! Milk stars are earned by Does for producing a whole bunch of milk!!

Because of his dam’s milk record - Iberis inherits a *B from his Dam! 

Photo courtesy Little Tots Estate

Amos’s very Long and so very level Dam! Little Tots Estate Syringa. 

Photo courtesy Little Tots Estate 

 CH little Tots Estate Ericson *B

Iberis’ sire and son of the stunning Caesar’s Villa LV Eric *S and GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus 3*M.

Photos courtesy of Gypsy Moon Nigerians

Iberis’s Sire’s Dam’s udder-  GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus- beautiful shape and attachments!


Amos is a nice quiet no nonsense kind of buck! Both Amos and Otis were bottle babies - at 7 weeks old one day Amos just decided he was done with the bottle - and went straight to hay & Feed. 


Because Amos is so friendly - it’s very hard to get a pic of him - without him coming toward the camera.

But with these few pics - it’s already obvious that he will have his Grandsire’s ( Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue) uphill stance. He also has a nice wide escutcheon!


Besides his Dam’s udder, I had to have this boy when I saw how eager he was for the bottle- and his uphill stance - so young!