Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow Farm


Bellemeadow JB Orphie Amaleen 10/31/17 ( Gotalund Jebelleon x Nichol’s Acres Maeyella Madeen ) AGS/ADGA


Height : .

Orphie is the daughter of our Maeyella Madeen and Gotalund Jebelleon. I am so happy that we decided to keep both daughters - because not only are they turning out beautifully- they are beautiful in different ways. Her sister, Ima Dean is just plain elegant where Orphie is Elegant and powerful! She is strong in health and parasite resistance!

Orphie has lots of width!! 8 months old and showing lots of depth too! Her udder hasn’t seen it’s full potential yet - I don’t think. So far she has had twins and 2 singles, so her udder has never shown great capacity... yet!

Above: Orphie’s first freshening udder 40 days fresh - 12 hour fill. 

Though her teats are small - she is easy to milk... as long as she’s is eating!

Orphie has the most perfectly smooth shiny black coat!

Orphie has the gorgeous short haired coat that we breed for! Even in winter her coat stays shiny and sleek!


 Orphie’s Sire: Gotalund Jebelleon

 Orphie’s Dam: Nichol’s Acres Maeyella Madeen


2019- 2 boys ( wethered)

Sire- Sinai Thunder O Gabriel

2020- 1 boy ( wethered)

sire- Sinai Thunder O Gabriel

2020- 1 girl! ( retained) Loretta Rose

sire- Little Tots Estare ES Iberis *B

2021 - 2 boys 1 girl