Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow Farm


Bellemeadow BD Amory miss’ippi 11/9/19 (Bayou Country CG Beaudacious x M&M Acres Annabelle America) AGS/ADGA pending

Our little homegrown Amory! As I write this in 2021, I’m anxiously waiting on her first babies!

a very exciting attribute I am seeing in Amory is - she is extremely wide! She has excellent spring of ribs - that make her back like a tabletop! I see lots of room for an udder too!

Amory ( barn name Amy) is so wide!

Amy is the daughter of a buck we acquired from Bayou Country Nigerians. He comes from a very long line of beautiful goats with well attached and productive udders!

Another quality I see that came from out Bayou Country Beaudacious is the smoothest shiniest coat! Even in winter his kids look freshly groomed and recently shaved!

Of course our little Annabelle - Amy’s dam has added her sweet personality to Amy and I am hoping also her lovely fore udder and rear extension and luscious dairy skin!


Amory’s sire’s dam - MCH/CH Lost Valley Sweet Pea’s lovely udder!

Photo courtesy Bayou Country Nigerians 


Amory’s  grand sire - Lost Valley CC Courageous. It looks like Amory got her almost full buckskin cape from him!

Kidding History

3/5/21- Amy kidded with a single buckling that passed during birth:(

Amy had an amazing recovery and was back to her bouncy self 1 day later.

( sire: Little Tots Estate Amos *B)

12/27/21 - 2 girls Itta Bena and Aberdeen and 1 wether - Happy

Sire: Bellemeadow GB Ebeneezer