Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow Farm


Bellemeadow IB Loretta Rose ( Little Tots Estate ES Iberis *B x Bellemeadow JB Orphie Amaleen) 10/20/20 AGS/ADGA pending 

Loretta is showing a lot of width in her escutcheon and in her hips and Thurls.. She already has nice brisket extension like her dam. Her coat is soft and silky as a rabbit and her skin is loose and pliable. It is going to be exciting to see her mature-- I'm predicting fast maturity with a nice deep body - we'll see:)

I am so happy with Loretta's long body and neck! Amos gave her a nice top line and blended her neck nicely- an improvement over her dam.

When Loretta was born - there was no question about whether she has blue eyes! 
Below: Loretta's dam our very long Orphie Amaleen