Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow Farm


Bellemeadow GB Ebeneezer 10/18/20 ( Sinai Thunder O Gabriel *B *S x Nichols Acres Maeyella Madeen) 

Ebeneezer ( Neezer) is the son of one of the nicest bucks we’ve ever owned and our lovely Maeyella Madeen.

so far we see he has his sire’s nice level topline and his dam’s extra long body!

One huge plus about Neezer is he is so sweet and lovable! ( Just like his Mom:) He was never aggressive with the other kids - and I’m hoping that’s a trait he will pass on!

Neezer’s sire Sinai Thunder O Gabriel *S *B see Gabriel’s page here.

photo courtesy Sinai Thunder

Neezer’s dam Nichols Acres Maeyella Madeen. See Maeyella’s page here.

Maeyella’s FF udder nursing a single buckling... I haven’t gotten a better picture after 4 kiddings because I always seem to keep a kid from her:)

Gabriel’s dam Sinai Thunder Breath of Heaven 2*M 2DAR 93.2 VEEE 90

Photo courtesy Sinai Thunder