Thank You

 Because we wouldn't be where we are right now without the generosity, patience and endurance of others, we wanted to set aside a page just to say thanks.

It all started, as our home page said, by buying a couple of pregnant does from Donna Boatright at Gotalund Farms. After having kids and kids having kids, because of my Dad's health we decided to sell and give away our whole herd. Ok, so it was only 6 goats - but a herd to us!

Well, my Dad recovered and I began to regret not having our goats. I was especially missing Fanny and Her Daughter Ellie Belle. 

After much trying - I was finally able to get my Fanny back. Then the herd began to grow from there. 

So the first person we would like to thank is Donna. Not only did she get us started, she is always willing to be there when I have a problem or question. I consider her one of my goat mentors and friends.

Before we got Fanny back, we got an email from Frank and Sharon Nichols asking if we would like to take their whole herd- for free! We had bought our one and only buck from the Nichols over a year before.

We were overwhelmed at their generosity ( and still are) but we knew that we didn't have room for 11 goats! So we found good homes for them. 

But that wasn't the end of the story! When we got Fanny back, we realized that if we were going to start over with goats- she was going to need a buck. So after explaining the situation with Tony snd Charis Deluca, who we had given 5 of the free goats, they graciously gave Gilbert and Sullivan back to us- and if that wasn't enough- surprised us with our lovable little JuBellie!

So, a big thank you to the Nichols and thank you to the Delucas, not only for releasing the bucks, but for being available for all kinds of needs, from disbudding to hoof trimming!

Also a special thanks to my dear friend Charlotte at Merritt Acres for giving Maeyella and Emmalou back to us and being a steadfast friend! 

And, my the list does go on...another goat mentor and friend Debbie Tonelli of Deb's Whisperwoods for being my email goat mentor and friend... And Jeanne my fellow pedigree sleuth and faithful friend...Cheri - my neighbor and friend- words cannot express my thanks:)

My wonderful husband- who I can't even begin to thank for all he is to me:)

And I can't close this without thanking all of those breeders, through the years, that have worked so hard to bring the Nigerian breed to the beautiful milk producing animal it has become! 


Bill and Becky