Bellemeadow JU Selma Alabama ( silver Chamoisee/ green gold eyes- AGS/ADGA Pending)


Since all of our goats, except for Fanny and Captain Picard, can trace their lineage back to the foundational bucks of the Rosasharn herd, (Actually I'm the one who does it - they're not allowed on the computer!) I wanted to diagram it in a way that I could see visually how the lines emerged and crossed. This is the simplest way I could find to show it- though I know on the surface it looks confusing. it has been fun to figure out and to become more familiar with the way the Rosasharn herd grew and influenced so many different and great herds. Because of a lack of space ( and lack of computer skills!) I had to break the lines up into sections. 

Important note: though Tom Thumb and Tiger L are shown as if they are different lines - Tiger L is a GGG grandson of Tom Thumb ( not sure if I have enough Gs in there!)