Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow JU Selma Alabama (Deluca Valley Jubellie x M&M Acres Annabelle America) AGS/ADGA

 I’m so happy to see that she inherited Jubellie’s amazing width! Oh the wait to see what sort of udder fits!

 Selma’s Dam - Annabelle America. Pics were all from her first freshening udder, midday, nursing 3 kids. I love Annabelle’s deep bodied shape - and I think she’s passed a lot of good qualities on to Selma! ( including a super sweet personality!) but she needs a lot of improvement in her shoulders and front legs.


Such a nice first udder- even front and rear. Soft as can be- I can’t wait to see if Selma will have one like this — or better!

( udder not full - nursing 3 kids!)

Selma first fresh udder - almost as good as Mom’s - but needs more height!


It looks like Selma is going to keep us guessing what color she is- just like her mom. When she was born - both of us said " she’s purple!"  Now she changes from Grey to rust dark brown and sometimes dark cream! Beautiful! She might carry the gene for lavender - we’ll see!

Selma’s FF udder mid day not full! It is a bit too low - but I’m hoping that will improve with more freshenings.


Selma’s stunning sure: Deluca Valley Jubellie. Such a nice shape and especially good escutcheon width!

One thing I hope to change in Selma’s kids is her very high shoulders. Because they didn’t show up until she nursed for 7 months- I’m

Hoping that they are prominent because her big belly pulled her spine down!