Bellemeadow JU Selma Alabama ( silver Chamoisee/ green gold eyes- AGS (ADGA Pending)

 Selma’s Dam - Annabelle America. Pics were all from her first freshening udder, midday, nursing 3 kids. I love Annabelle’s shape - and I think she’s passed a lot of good qualities on to Selma! ( including a super sweet personality!)


Such a nice first udder- even front and rear. Soft as can be- I can’t wait to see if Selma will have one like this — or better!

( udder not full - nursing 3 kids!)


Selma’s stunning sure: Deluca Valley Jubellie. Such a nice shape and especially good escutcheon width!

 I’m so happy to see that she inherited Jubellie’s amazing width! Oh the wait to see what sort of udder fits!


It looks like Selma is going to keep us guessing what color she is- just like her mom. When she was born - both of us said " she’s purple!"  Now she changes from Grey to rust dark brown and sometimes dark cream! Beautiful!