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Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow Rebecca Tennessee - 2/19/17 blue eyes ( Gotalund Jebelleon x Gotta B Kid N Samantha ) AGS/ADGA


Second freshening udder mid day feeding a single buckling.yes it got uneven:(

Right: Bessie has the most gorgeous blue eyes!


Bessie inherited a lot of sturdy characteristics from her Mom- and a bunch of height and gracefulness from her Dad. I think it makes a beautiful combination!

 It’s going to be great watching Bessie mature! 


Bessie’s Dam

Gotta b Kid n Samantha 

Beautiful fore udder, rear extension and very nice attachments! Nice deep bodied  shape...And that nice brisket doesn’t show in this pic.


Dam’s third freshening udder - pre-Kidding.

 Bessie’s Sire:

Gotalund Jebelleon 

"Jebbie" was a gorgeous graceful buck with a nice wide escutcheon - the spots and blue eyes were just a bonus!


Bessie at 3 days old - moonspots were showing up more then - but we loved her anyway!:)

FF udder nursing her buckling ( not full!)
FF udder nursing her buckling ( not full!)


I’m so glad Bessie is back with us! What a beautiful sight!


2017- single buckling ( was at another farm)

2018- single buckling - wethered- Tebow 

Sire: Little Tots Estate GV Ignatia