Bellemeadow J Orphie Amaleen & Ima Dean ( Gotalund Jebelleon x Nichol’s Acres Maeyella Madeen

 Bellemeadow JB Orphie Amaleen

Like her mom, when I saw Orphie ( and Ima Dean) I knew I liked their look!

I wasn’t mentally trying to smoosh their  back ends down to make them look level— they were already level! 

Their necks were long and slim - front legs set under their shoulders nicely...

 Bellemeadow JB Ima Dean ... Ima Dean tends to be a bit more round and feminine- Orphie has always had a more solid feel though she is minutes younger!

Time will tell if they have their mom’s brisket. I am hoping Jebelleon have them more width at the top of their udders— only time will tell!!


Cuteness meets the green grass!


And on into fall - still a lot of growing to come!


The only way to catch them! If she had her face toward me- she would be coming towards the camera!


Hard to get photos of friendly kids!!


Ima Dean - Just a few days old.




Happy with Mom - nothing like moms and daughters - unless it’s Mom and 2 daughters!!


Wintertime poof. Everyone looks 5 lbs heavier!

Orphie Amaleen


Ima Dean