•  Bayou Country CG Beaudacious 
  • ( MCH/CH Lost Valley CC Courageous x MCH/CH Lost Valley PG Sweet Pea)
  • "Buster Brown"

  •  Bayou Country NB Balleroy
  • (MCH/CH Bayou Country SH Noble x Bayou Country CR Bon Temps)
  • "Leroy"
  • Son of the 2018 AGS Nationals Grand Champion buck!!!

  •  Little Tots Estate ES Iberis *B
  • ( Little Tots Estate Ericson* B x Little Tots Estate Syringa 2*M)
  • "Amos"

  • Little Tots Estate GV Ignatia
  • (Caesar’s Villa Gulliver x Little Tots Estate Tiarella 2*M)
  • "Otis"

  •  Bellemeadow Willie Nathaniel
  • ( Kerry’s Kids Seth x Nichol’s Acres Maeyella Madeen)
  • "Willie"

 Now for the really important part!!

Left to right top; Amos, Willie, Otis

Left to right-right; Buster, Leroy

I’m very happy with the way all these guys are shaping up! Now to see udders !