Nichol's Acres Maeyella Maydeen- 2/14/15- Gold Eyes- AGS-( ADGA pending) (Viking's NB Sullivan X La Z Oak Pleasures Brandie)

Height (2016) 20 1/2"

 Even without much knowledge about Nigerian goat conformation, when I saw Maeyella, I knew she was special! ( though I may be a bit prejudiced!) Her body is very long, ( 25" from Shoulder to start of her tail!- I know there are better names for those parts but - I haven’t gotten all my goat lingo down yet!:) 

I think this might be why her rear is a little high... hoping to do some improvement there!

Her escutcheon is high (but could be a lot wider arch at the top, perfect angular face ( which just happens to be pretty too!) and she has height that makes her proportionate. As a 2 year old first freshener, she is starting to develop some depth to her body.

Maeyella is destined to become the cornerstone of our herd. She's not perfect, she has never won anything ( except my heart!) but she has some very good qualities that I want reproduced in future generations: strength, length, disposition, parasite resistance and to me, just overall good looks!

Pictured dry-and 2 months pregnant!

Did I mention that she had a pretty face and sweet disposition??

Maeyella with her new daughters! I see definite improvement in bringing her high rear end down! These are very nice level girls! They will be staying!

Once again, Maeyella kidded with ease and is the perfect mom!

She was giving almost 2lb a day as a first freshener after weaning a single buckling! I think she's got great potential- we'll see what this udder does!

Below right - 2017 pre-kidding udder

Maeyella's first freshening udder is a beautiful sight to me! I haven't seen it completely full yet because I allowed her to wean her son -before starting to milk. She has a great front attachment and a strong medial. She seems to have a fair rear attachment, but again - it could be much better on the sides and wider. 

After she weaned her son, she was producing 2lbs a day once a day milking. She slowed down after we had to take a trip and leave her un-milked for longer than 24 hours. So I have yet to see how long she can stay at that amount. Her teats are good size and easy to hand milk. I don't know her cream percentage -- but it sticks to the sides of the milk jar real quick!  An added bonus is Maeyella's sweet disposition makes her an easy milker-  after about a week of dancing on the stand, she has become a very calm milker!

 Maeyella's sire's dam- Viking's Heart be Still

Photo courtesy of Oak Shadows Farm

 Maeyella's sire- Viking's NB Sullivan - obviously where she inherited her long body! see more about Sullivan on the Reference Page 

Maeyella started mild labor early one morning.. Thinking I had plenty of time I went back to the house - and within 15 minutes my husband came running in to say - "we have a baby!" She did a wonderful job all by herself- even though it was her first!

Maeyella did just as well this year! Easy births and 2 beautiful girls- that are part of the herd!! See Willie Nathaniel, Ima Dean and Orphie Amaleen for their individual pages!

Lord willing - more to come from Maeyella!