Bellemeadow Farm

Gotta b Kid n Guinness-11/17/12-Red/white (Rosasharn SP Kat Manjari x Rosasharn TL Jizake)

Height (2016) 20"  

AGS- D-841270

ADGA - D001605966


Guinness comes from Ginger Parker at Gotta b kid n farm and I think, is an example of fine Rosasharn breeding! She has a deep body shape, Nice roomy escutcheon and fairly good udder attachments- though she could use more on the sides. She has a nice long body and neck- though I hope to see a more blended neck on Her kids! Her coat is so soft and shiny with loads of loose dairy skin!  and Oh and she's a sweetheart... Loves to stand with her head on my lap.

Above Pic - I wasn't able to catch her udder full... she weaned her bucklings early - but is still giving 2 lbs a day once a day milking. Ginnie is a dream to milk- every morning she greets me at the gate, jumps up on the stand and stands almost perfectly still until I'm done. Milking Ginnie has made me a fan of medium size teats... Much easier to milk with good sized orifices and the taste- oh so creamy delicious! Pictured mid day- once a day milking.

 Ginnie's 4th freshening udder. Her kids were sold at 4 weeks and I think she had already been weaning them because of the bites they were giving her teats! I forgot to mention- she has almost perfectly plumb teats- a trait that seems hard to find in Nigerian goats!

But even at once a day milking - she is giving 2lbs at 115 days fresh! I know by looking at her udder ( when full her medial disappears!) that if I was milking 2xs a day - she could go over 3 lbs. 

Ginnie earns a Bellemeadow milk star!

Ginnie has a nice fore udder with plumb teats. Pic taken once a day milking over 100 days fresh. Giving about 2lbs a day.

Sweet Ginnie!

Guinness' Dam 

Rosasharn TL Jizake 

Photo courtesy of Gotta b Kid n

Ginnie's Sire : Rosasharn SP Kat Manjari-

Photo courtesy Gotta B Kid N


Rosasharn Tiger L ++B ++*S -

Ginnie's grand Sire 

Photo courtesy Rosasharn Farm

Above: I can't get enough of that red against the green grass!!

Left:  Ginnie has the most gentle nature and big soulful golden eyes. She loves hugs but is never demanding ( as some can be!)

Just wish I would have trimmed those chin hairs!!