Annabelle America-2/5/16 Chocolate Roan/gold eyes ( Double AP Garland X Oldesouth Sweet Donna) AGS ( ADGA pending)

Height (2016) 17 3/4" im guessing 20" now!

It is time to finally update Annabelle’s page! Now that she is almost 2 - just had her first kidding experience ( that gave us triplets!) AND produced a first freshening udder that I am pretty happy about- she deserves it!

Though she does come from an impressive line of milk producing does, I’m sure Annabelle is going to be impressive on her own. ( she already is in my eyes!)

Photos at top: First freshening udder - mid morning nursing 3 kids with no trouble!

Next Photo: pre-kidding rear udder!

Yeah, more udder! She is so even - plenty of fore and rear udder! ( not full!)
Just started milking after 2 - 8 week old bucks left. Still nursing 1 daughter so I'm trying to keep her even...and not end up with a pudgy little Doeling! Her udder is super soft with a nice strong medial ligament I can feel! Her orifices are nice and open and her teats - though they are small now, are very easy to milk!
Annabelle as a first freshening Milker?? well, let's just say my very sweet calm girl becomes a screaming drama queen on the milk stand! But it's only the 2nd day... Hopefully we'll make progress each day!
Below: Annabelle lets me know how she feels about being milked!!

Annabelle's coat is very hard to describe! Maybe a  sleek chocolate with silver roaning all over- slight buckskin cape -with just 2 small white patches. None of these photos capture her exact coloring - which I think is beautiful and unusual!:)

In case you're wondering....Annabelle, and Half of our other goats, got their names from looking up old ancestors. When I saw we had a Martha America back in the 1800s- I thought what a perfect name to add to Annabelle!

I love that our ancestors obviously took naming their children very seriously, but I doubt if we will ever have a Bertha Hibernia or Vernia Venezuala in the herd!

Above: Annabelle 1 month fresh- keeping body weight well intact and nursing 3 kids!

I love Annabelle’s deep body that just keeps getting better! 

Annabelle's Dam Farm Oldsouth Sweet Donna's udder! 

Photo courtesy of Bluestar Farms


Not quite the same size - but not bad for a first udder- not full- nursing 3 kids!

I should stop raving about Annabelle's udder long enough to say - it does need improvement! Her teats need to be more toward the center and more plumb. 


Annabelle's award winning Grandsire!
+*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S,+DAR

*Sue Rucker JuJu SIRE AWARD 2011 from ANDDA

Photo courtesy of Oldesouth Farm

Annabelle's Great Grand dam on her sire's side

The Amazing SGCH J Nels ER Dumplin 1*M

Dumplin, along with so many of the other

Superior J-Nels goats, moved to Udderly

Top Notch Farms where they are being well 

Taken care of!

As Paula Johns says on the website- Dumplin's

Championships are too many to list!

So please go to

To see an impressive list- and more impressive goats!

Photo courtesy of Udderly Top Notch Farms! 

Below: more of Annabelle’s first fresh udder... ( Not Full!!) to say I’m happy with it would be an understatement!!:)