DELUCA VALLEY JUBELLIE-3/14/15-Green/Gold eyes- AGS- (ADGA pending)(Dudley's Girls MG Loverboy X The Myraelyn's

Height (2016 ) 18 1/4"

Jubbie (as we call him) was a gracious and unexpected gift from our friends at Deluca Valley Farms! We are so happy to have him here - he is a joy to have around. Friendly and sweet. But Jubbie also comes with a pretty good pedigree we think, and hopefully some of those wonderful udder genes will trickle down to him!

At 1 year 2 months ( above) He has matured into a strong muscular buck - but still nice and angular! And would you just look at all that nice loose dairy skin!!


Since Jubbie's face doesn't show up very well on the photos above, here is his sweet face! His eyes are the most unusual color - a pearlized greenish gold!     

" Girls! I see girls!!"

One of Jubbie's very good points is his very high and wide escutcheon! I have high hopes of what he can do for his kids~ I am so excited about how this little treasure is maturing!! He is still well under height but there is time left for growing! 

Can't wait to trim all that extra hair off and see what's underneath!

Jubbie at 1 year 2 months... needing a haircut!! Still a calm sweet buck!

 Left to right Jubbie, next...oops not Jubbie! That's Rosasharn SP Mercury!! Fooled me too! Just wait, Jubbie could turn in to a fine buck like that! Photo of Mercury courtesy of Rosasharn Farm.

Jubbie's Grandsire

NC Promisedland Man on the Moon 

 Jubbie's Great Grand Dam

SG 2*M AR Old Mountain FarmTa-Dah! VEVE 90

Photo courtesy of Old Mountain Farm

GCH 1*M ARMCH PromisedLand CP Lil BoPeep *D E92

2007 AGS Reserve National Champion
All Time ANDDA Total Performer
2007 ANDDA Total Performer
2006 2nd place Total Performer

15 times Best Udder

14 times Best of Breed

Photo courtesy Joanne Karohl Dragonfly Farm