Bellemeadow Farm

Little Tots Estate GV Ignatia ( Caesar’s Villa Gulliver x Little Tots Estate Tiarella 2*M) AGS/ADGA

 HEIGHT : 21 3/4" ( 2019)

Ignatia - or Otis as we call him- is a treasure! I have always admired His sire Acer Rubrum - so being able to own a Grandson is pretty exciting! 

So far at only 6 months old - he is developing a beautiful upright form, long body and long beautifully set legs!

 His Dam Little Tots Estate Tiarella 3*M- beautiful full udder and good size teats!

Photo courtesy Little Tots Estate


Great fore udder and rear extension!

Photo courtesy Little Tots Estate

Probably not the best picture!! But you can get an idea - pretty girl with some very nice back legs and level topline!

Otis’ gorgeous sire: Ceasar’s Villa Gulliver. He does have good length, very long neck and an impressive set of relatives behind him!

 Photo above and left : courtesy Little Tots Estate

Otis’ Grandsire - the stunning Little Tots Estate Acer Rubrum. 


Otis started out as a reddish gold Chamoise - but he is getting more colorful as he matures!


I love Ignatia’s Nice long neck and level top line! White hairs showing up more - but none of these pictures show his beautiful color!


Not only is Otis nicely put together, with a gorgeous coat, he is also a very sweet calm and gentle Buck! I love this guy’s personality!


Love this top notch!

 Otis at 1 day old! What form!!