Reference Goats

This is my favorite part of our website... I can't get enough of looking at great looking bucks! All the guys on these pages are somewhere in our goats pedigree. We'll leave it to you to match them up by looking at each goats lineage on their page! The influence they have on our goats conformation or strengths may be very minuscule. But it has been a lot of fun to search through the lineages and see what kind of treasures we can find!

We are thankful to all of the breeders that have worked so hard to improve the breed and give us these gorgeous examples of Nigerian Dwarf bucks.

So have a look around and enjoy some very nice goat eye candy! 

This is another work in progress - champion status or milk awards are shown yet

Gay-Mor RA Kingwood ++*S 

A Stonewall's Raising Arizona Son
His color was so unique it has 
Earned the nick name
Kingwood Red!
I was happy to find out that this gorgeous buck ends up somewhere in every one of our goats lineage...usually way down the line:)
Photo courtesy of Amy and Audrey Kowalik

ARMCH Goodwood Weisbaden - gorgeous  color and shape! Probably my second favorite - and shows up in everyone's lineage.

 Lost Valley Tae Bo- he has that great Wiesbaden look - probably because his Dam's Sire was also Gay Mor RA Kingwood... confused? Me too:)

Related to Gilbert & Sullivan, Emaline, Maeyella, and Willie.

Photo courtesy Lost Valley Nigerians

Lost Valley Seminole - son of Lost Valley Tae Bo

A great long buck! Related to Gilbert & Sullivan, Emaline, Maeyella's and Willie.

I haven't listed his credentials yet...

Photo Courtesy of Amy and Audrey Kowalik

ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb ++B ++*S what a sturdy looking buck!
Related to everyone!
Photo courtesy of Rosasharn Farm

ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L ++B ++*S

Oops- no - maybe this is my second favorite! :) this beautiful buck shows up several times in almost everyone's lineage.

Photo courtesy of Rosasharn Farm

 ARMCH Rosasharn Sapporo 


Ok- I can't have favorites- they're all show winners! What a great angular rear Sapporo has!

Photo courtesy of Rosasharn Farm

 Twin Creeks WB Firestorm

Son of the stunning Weisbaden and it shows! That makes Firestorm a Kingwood Grandson. Firestorm shows up in Maeyella and Emmalou’s lineage 3 times - 2 through Rosasharn Polaris and 1 through Doe sh Does FS Storm warning. Just wish more of that red would come through!

Again- credentials to come! But a pictures says - well, you know...

Photo courtesy of Rosasharn Farm

Rosasharn MR General 

Credentials to come. I'm sure this isn't the best pic of General. This winner is Annabelle'a Grandsire!

Photo Courtesy of Oldesouth Farm

Rosasharn Kat Manjari - what a perfect looking buck! He definitely ended up with all the good genes!!

This gorgeous guy is the Sire of Samantha and Guinness! (Grandsire of Rebecca Tennessee)

Photo courtesy Gotta b Kid n