Great Nigerian Does 2

 ARMCH Rosasharn Elfin 1*M 7*D

Going in order from birthdates- Elfin should be on the first page - but it's easier to leave her here for now:) she belongs between Unagi and Arwen.

Photo courtesy Rosasharn Farm


 ARMCH Rosasharn TL Sake 4*M 5*D

This is Ginnie's Grand dam! Litter mate to Rosasharn Sapporo.

Photo courtesy Rosasharn Farm

ARMCH SG Flat Rocks Here For the Party *D E 91.1

This amazing doe isn't related closely to our goats - she goes waaaay back to Flat Rocks Surprise- so I am delighted even though that percentage may be very small! She has always impressed me with her udder size and the way her attachments look like they're almost down to her hocks! That is the most "glued on" udder I've ever seen!

Photo courtesy of Joanne Karohl Dragonfly Farm. For more perfect examples of Nigerian breeding, visit - 


ARMCH  Rosasharn TL Bewitched 1*M 6*D 92 EEEE

This is Samantha's Grand Dam!

Photo courtesy of Rosasharn Farm

 SG NC PromisedLand HS Dizzy Blonde 3*D/2*M

2008 LA +EEE 87  

Lots of G's dam:) to Jubellie!


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