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Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow JB Orphie Amaleen ( Gotalund Jebelleon x Nichol’s Acres Maeyella Madeen ) AGS/ADGA


Height : 193/4" approx.

Orphie is the daughter of our Maeyella Madeen and Gotalund Jebelleon. I am so happy that we decided to keep both daughters - because not only are they turning out beautifully- they are beautiful in different ways.

Orphie has lots of width!! 8 months old and showing lots of depth too! I can’t wait to see how her udder turns out and how it fits on her belly. 

Above: Orphie’s first freshening udder 40 days fresh - 12 hour fill. 

Though her teats are small - she is easy to milk... as long as she’s is eating!

Orphie has the most perfectly smooth shiny black coat!


So powerful for a yearling! Let’s hope she’s got some dairy too!

Pictured 41/2 mo pregnant!


 Orphie’s Sire: Gotalund Jebelleon

 Orphie’s Dam: Nichol’s Acres Maeyella Madeen

Orphie 3 months pregnant


2019- 2 boys ( wethered) Sire- Sinai Thunder O Gabriel

2029- 1 boy ( wethered) sire- Sinai Thunder O Gabriel

2020- 1 girl! ( retained) Loretta Rose