KIDS ARRIVING IN MARCH!! See our contact page to be put on the waiting list!!


Kids due in March!! See you in the spring!


Annabelle kidded triplets as a First freshener. It had to be the easiest birth I’ve ever seen!! 3 beautiful coated kids - 1 girl and 2 boys.

 Bellemeadow J ??? AVAILABLE- 300.00


This guy looked black when he was born - but when we saw him in the sunlight he was a gorgeous dark chocolate- plus he got Jubellie’s greenish gold eyes!

He was the biggest by far of the litter. He has nice height, width & brisket. I can’t tell yet but he might take more after Annabelle with her Keyhole escutcheon. Plenty of room for a nice udder though! See Annabelle’s udder below.

Selling a buck from a First freshener isn’t something that is advised - but in this case Annabelle’s udder makes me feel confident he will be a great herdsire.

Her udder is high & wide with loads of capacity! It is so soft too. She milks wonderfully - though her teats aren’t as big as they will be after more freshenings , they are easy to milk - with very good sized orifices! She also kidded with ease and bounced back in no time. 

See Annabelle and Jubellie’s pages for full pedigree.

Bellemeadow J Gideon - SOLD

This little bundle of buckiness would not be leaving if he wasn’t related to so many girls! 

Gideon will be living at Farm Dormeus!

Bellemeadow JU Selma Alabama is being retained!

 New Arrivals November 1st!!

Maeyella had 2 beautiful girls on her exact due date! Perfect smooth, quick birth and very nice looking girls!:) ( Orphie Amaleen and Ima Dean) 

Both are being retained!

Their coats are velvety, shiny black! Very healthy and bouncy! More pics to come!