Even though we've only been doing this a few years, it's amazing how much experience you can add up in a short time!

I hope this page will be a practical help for new milkers or old ones too!

 Kids KNOW how to milk!

Tips for Milking especially First Freshners!
  • Never ever say: she would never _________...give her time- she will.

  • Always respond with soothing words like "good girl" even when you've done everything but duct tape her to the milk stand.

  • If a fly lands on you- don't shoo it away- at least you know where it is! 

  • This is a good time to ponder about why the fly likes you more than a goat!

  • Bring the baby in with you, when you milk. It will make it easier on your ears - and you will get practice at multi-tasking.

  • When baby is a few weeks old, train it to jump on another milkstand beside Mommy. 

  • We run all of our girls through the " milkline" in the mornings. This way they get used to following a certain order. Even when I'm not milking a girl, it gives me a chance every day to brush, check, and if necessary give extra attention to some need.

  • If you feed all of your goats grain - put out the non-milking/nursing/pregnant amount of feed and feed each milking/nursing/pregnant girl as she comes in in her turn. It has been such a blessing to do it this way- and fun to watch how they learn quickly who comes next!

  • Carrots and apples are lifesavers when training a first freshener! Give apples whole if you can afford too- it keeps them busy longer!

 More to come! Check back soon!