Bellemeadow INT Aberdeen 10/24/18 ( Little Tots Estate GV Ignatia x Nichols Acres Maeyella Madeen) AGS & ADGA Pendung Great site! Home of some of the most influential and most ARMCH goats anywhere I think! Lots to look at! I can't count the number of times I've gone over this website--Milk records and other great information- plus beautiful goats to look at! - Very well done website! Cheryl Moore-Smith has put so much work into compiling photos and seemingly endless lineages for so many foundation goats-- this is a really fun and informative site to visit! I love to visit! Another great site if you're interested in Old genetics like I am. Lots of old and new pics and pedigree information. Beautiful goats too! Great site especially for reference goats- but I don't believe they are still selling goats. Home of some of the finest though. What an eye full of gorgeous examples of great breeding!! Lots to see and good records and pedigrees! Gorgeous goats! Though this is a local farm and should be below-- I can't help being partial since our best does came from there:} Nice clean well kept farm- with lots of attention to improving milking and show qualities. though any relation to any Dragonfly goats are Waaaaaay down the pedigree charts for our herd... This is a very interesting site with lots of useful information! Plus lots of beautiful Champion goats to looks at! I counted them and then got confirmation .... They really do have 161 breeding does! Yikes! That's 644 hooves to trim!! But very nice looking goats in all kinds of pasture poses - so that people like us ( who can't get our does and bucks to do that scrunching down thing) can tell what a great goat looks like naturally!  - fun site put together by KW Farms - check out the goats while you're there! Very nice website that helps us to know - what color, coat pattern etc does that goat have?? -  home of D&L Meadows herd. Very nice looking healthy girls with much attention to improving milk!

They have a Milk Star Calculator on the website! A fun and useful tool to see how you're doing with milk production - even if you never go on milk test!

 These are more local farms with gorgeous goats! As some wise lady put it - Nigerian goats aren't endangered-- it doesn't hurt to shop around to find exactly what you're looking for!




Links for natural Goat Care


For herbal mixes including wormers and other health problems and lots of other good stuff.

All kinds of information about goat care- from kidding to feeding- plus herbal mixes and tinctures too!

Very nicely put together website- gorgeous goats plus lots of informative videos on goat care, kidding, showing and more!