Nichol's Acres Emaline Lucinda 4/27/14 - Gold Eyes - AGS ( ADGA pending) (Viking's NB Gilbert X La Z Oak Pleasures Frosty)

Height (2016) 18 5/8"

Emmalou, as we call her in the barn, is a 1st cousin to Maeyella. She has the most gorgeous sleek black coat, frosted ears, and the friendliest personality- she is the first one to greet visitors and is a "leaner".

Her other strengths are, a nice wide space between her legs in the front,with  a prominent brisket, nice long body with a long slim neck. I am hoping to add some height to her kids though. Photos above dry - 4 months pregnant.


Emma 4 months pregnant- 2/18


Emma has an extra nice long neck! Two things I think I would like to change in her daughters is 1- her shoulder assembly. It is not very well blended and sticks up too high at the top... But because I've seen a mother/ daughter pair that took an ADGA championship title with the same "fault", I don't think I'm going to worry about it too much! And 2 - her escutcheon had very little width at the top - but seems to be a little better this year! She does end up with a passable keyhole for a nice udder. This is an inherited trait from her sire ( who is no longer producing kids!)

Her udder looks like it is attached pretty well in the front- but it's not at all widely attached in the rear but her escutcheon height is impressive this year! But with not enough side attachments- it is too pendulous to be perfect. I'm Hoping that can be improved on her daughters! Her teats are very good size ( I think:) for a first freshener, and feel like they are "sturdy" and easy to hand milk. They also have very good size orifices, but they also are far from being plumb teats- hopefully that can be corrected too. She milks down to nothing and has a nice deflatable udder for the lack of a better word! As a matter of fact - she would be pleasure to milk if she stood still! 

Emmalou and Maeyella's Sire's 

Dam : Viking's Heart Be Still- 

She was nursing quads when 

This photo was taken, and 

Went on to supplement 

Her grandson!

Photo courtesy of  Oak Shadows Farm


 Sire - Viking's NB Gilbert

Nice long neck and upright form and 

Sweetest buck ever!


-- love that long slim neck- and very nice brisket!!

And to top it all off - what a sweet face!

( and showing signs of copper deficiency! See the hairless ring around the eyes!- much better now!:)

 Emma proved that she's not just a black goat - by kidding with a beautiful creamy gold girl! 

( see Lunie Mae’s page for more!)