Bellemeadow Farm

Bayou Country CG Beaudacious - MCH/CValley CC Courageous x MCH/CH Lost Valley PG Sweet Pea 2/18 AGS/ADGA

 Beaudacious -(barn name Buster) came to us from Bayou Country Nigerians in Greenwell Springs, LA! We chose Buster and Leroy.because their lineage stems  completely from the Lost Valley gene pool- home of some of the finest and oldest milk producing- Champion lines.

Mitzi Cowart of Bayou Country Nigerians has done a great job of blending so many Lost Valley lines. We are grateful also for all of the hard work that she has done to bring so many of her herd to MCH/CH status! Both of Beaudacious’ parents are Champions in AGS and ADGA- and it sure shows in Busters form and quality!

 I can’t capture the gorgeous color and luscious coat of this beautiful buck! His skin is very loose and dairy too! But that’s not his only strong point - he is very nicely put together; great width in the back, perfect shoulders and legs, nice and long, good brisket!

Buster also has a grace and beauty about him like he knows he’s special!

 Buster’s Dam:

MCH/CH Lost Valley PG Sweet Pea 

One huge factor in choosing Buster was that both his Dam and Sire share Gay-Mor  RA Kingwood as a Grandsire! Wow! ( see "great Nigerian bucks" page for more on Kingwood!

The picture doesn’t show it - but Sweet Pea is beautiful Kingwood red!

Photo courtesy of Bayou Country Nigerians


Sweet Peas gorgeous udder!

Photo courtesy of Bayou Country Nigerians

Buster’s Sire: MCH/CH Lost Valley CC Courageous

I love this Bucks very uphill and strong look! He has gobs of dairy wrinkles you just can’t see in the pic.

Photo courtesy of Bayou Country Nigerians


Buster’s Paternal Grand Dam:

ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D/3*M E

What a beauty!! So happy to have Nala’s genetics behind Buster! Look at that udder- I’ll bet it doesn’t move when she walks!:)

Photo courtesy of Lost Valley Nigerians 


I Think Buster’s form is going to be very muscular and strong like his sire! 

 I love Buster’s very long neck- and how well it is blended.

Buster is such a calm and gentle guy - and passes that sweet nature on to his kids.  at 7 months old he was still wanting to sit in my lap! But he isn’t annoying as some can be... he will also stand still For hoof trimming etc. and loves to give me Bucky kisses!

Buster at 12 weeks - that face!!


What a sweet face!