Bellemeadow Farm

Bayou Country NB Balleroy 3/18 (MCH/CH Bayou Country SH Noble x Bayou Country CR Bon Temps) AGS/ADGA


Oh my goodness! Have you ever seen such a cute kid??? Besides his cuteness, Leroy; as we call him, has a winsome sweet personality!

...and lots of width in the rear that we need in our herd!!

 Leroy also came to us all the way from Greenwell Springs LA -  Bayou Country Nigerian.

Little did we know, that his sire (MCH/CH Bayou Country SH Noble would win Grand Champion Buck at the 2018 AGS National Show!

See pic of Noble below.

 Time will tell if this little boy will carry all those incredible genes that Lost Valley is known for. Right now he seems to be very level, has a pretty wide escutcheon, very nice loose skin, long neck, and the list goes on! Hopefully he carries his dam’s very nice udder! ( see below)

Oh - so far it looks like he might have loose elbows - but so do some champions!

Update! Leroy has put a very level topline and rump on his daughter!


Leroy’s Dam’s udder :MCH/CH Bayou Country CR Bon Temps

Photo courtesy of Bayou Country Nigerians

Balleroy’s Dam - MCH/CH Bayou Country CR Bon Temps

Photo courtesy Bayou Country Nigerians 


Leroy’s sire: MCH/CH Bayou Country SH Noble 

If Leroy looks this good I’ll be happy! 

 photo courtesy of Bayou Country Nigerians


Noble’s Dam’s udder - MCH/CH Lost Valley HLB Nori 

Photo Courtesy of Bayou Country Nigerians 

 Paternal Granddam MCH/CH Lost Valley LB Nori 

Photo courtesy Bayou Country Nigerians

 Balleroy’s maternal Grandsire 

MCH/CH Creek Bottom Creole

( MCH/CH Hill Country BB Zydecko x MCH/CH Lost Valley LG Andromeda)

Photo courtesy Bayou Country Nigerians


Maternal Grandam Lost Valley TB Halo 5*D - Halo is a Tae Bo daughter and has one on the widest escutcheons I’ve ever seen!

Photo courtesy Bayou Country Nigerians


Lost Valley TB Halo’s udder - #7 in production -one day milk test 2013.