Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow JU Lunie Mae 5/8/17 Gold and white spotted/green -gold eyes- DeLuca Valley Jubellie x Nichols Acres Emaline Lucinda)

Height 201/2" ( 2018)


ADGA pending

Meet Bellemeadow JU Lunie Mae ( named after my Grandma's mom:) what an unexpected color! But it just proves Emmalou is not a pure black doe- that red isn't a copper deficiency! 

I love Lunie Mae! She is such a quiet, sweet girl- just a pleasure to be around!

She is almost a year now and I am pretty happy with the way she is turning out.

Lunie Mae is very wide! You could set a dinner plate on her back- it’s so flat! A big improvement over her Dam - is the depth that she has at just 6 months! Her Escutcheon is looking pretty wide also - and I’m hoping that means her udder will be wider at the top!

Update- first freshening with triplets - still haven’t seen the width at the top yet...but haven’t seen her udder full. But - her udder is very globular with a smooth texture and perfectly plumb teats!

 Lunie Mae inherited an unusual and beautiful eye color from her sire- a greenish gold!

 Lunie Mae's Sire - DeLuca Valley Jubellie

Who is developing into quite the nice shaped buck! 

I haven't seen what kind of udder he will put on his daughters yet- such a long time to wait!!!

(See reference goats page for more info on Jubbie)


Lunie Mae's Dam Nichol's Acres Emaline Lucinda - see her page for udder pics and more. 

Lunie natured early with a nice deep body and wide ribs! She is also long and a very easy kidder. 

Her topline could use improvement and her shoulders set back further...but she does have a nice brisket too.


2018- 1st Freshening- triplets! Maizie June, Princess Tansy, Princess Rosemary (Maizie retained) sire: Bellemeadow Willie Nathaniel