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Bellemeadow Farm

Bellemeadow WN Abilene ( Bellemeadow Willie Nathaniel x M&M Acres Annabelle America) Chocolate/blue eyes 11/4/19 AGS-ADGA 

Oh my goodness! It’s hard to believe now, that we almost sold this little beauty! She was reserved, but the buyer decided that she wasn’t ready for another goat.

It didn’t take long for me to realize - this girl needed to stay- and I have been so thankful it turned out that  way! 

 I love Abilene’s color! I’m not sure what color she will end up being- but like her mom, Annabelle, it will be unique!

 Abilene also has her Mom’s sweet, lovable disposition and is always looking for hugs and cuddles.

Her Sire, Bellemeadow Willie Nathaniel, added some improvements ( besides her striking blue eyes!) 

He gave her some height, straighter front legs, and a good bit of width in her escutcheon. We’ll see what kind of udder he adds!

 Abilene’s Sire: Bellemeadow Willie Nathaniel

Abilene’s Dam: M&M Acres Annabelle America 

Kidding history:


Bellemeadow BD alamo and Bellemeadow BD Amarillo ( retained)

sire: Bayou Country Beaudacious