Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in Florida!!


.....Home to a small, special herd of Nigerian Dwarf milk goats! We are hooked on these fun, lovable and milk producing creatures! Not only are they beautiful to look at, entertaining, and huggable...they produce loads of tasty milk!

Our aim is to constantly strive to improve our herd by selective breeding; for conformation, milk production and parasite resistance.

We could say our herd is an "accidental herd" --- if we weren't completely convinced that God is Sovereign and nothing happens without; not only His knowledge; but by His design. 

Six of our twelve ORIGINAL goats were graciously given to us, in unsolicited acts of generosity! { please visit our Thank You page} 

The value of those goats, which became clear after a bit of research, certainly has added to our deep feeling of gratitude.  




With a small herd and a love of taking lots of goat photos, we decided to give each of our does a separate page. Click on the name tabs on the right for each specific and special doe! Our very special bucks are listed below them.

For a quick look - check out the "meet the Does/Bucks" tabs

We will disclose the good and " this needs improving" of each breeding goat on their individual pages. We haven’t hit perfection yet!:) I welcome seasoned breeders who would like to comment on our herd.

( Yes, that was a shameless appeal for free advice!)

We welcome those of you that are looking for kids that will grow up to be home Milkers for your family! One of our long term goals is to provide mother/daughter pairs with the mother having a proven record of producing 2lb a day 100 days into lactation, once a day milking. (We hope to go on milk tests in the future, but, in the meantime, we have calculated that; that amount sort of proves that a doe would be able to earn an AGS milk award, if she were milked 2 times a day rather than 1.)

 We welcome those interested in starting their own herd: for show and milk; and improving it by adding bucks and does from other breeders.   

We also welcome those that would like to start a parasite resistant herd with strong kids or adults that have been raised on herbal wormers, herbal anti-biotics ( if needed) and never vaccinated. 

 We take raising NIgerian Dwarf milk goats seriously. Nigerian dwarfs can make wonderful and useful pets, but, that is not our only goal here at BelleMeadow! 

You won't find a whole lot of blue eyes or moonspots here! We will never purposely breed for those traits; which we see as a passing fad - like bellbottoms - and look forward to the day we are asked - "do you have any solid colored brown eyed goats-- that give lots of milk?"

We would love to share in your goating adventure and be of help, should you need it, after any sale!

See our sales page for more info on how we price our kids.

All photos, unless otherwise noted, are property of BelleMeadow Farm. Please feel free to use any of our photos - but please give us { BelleMeadow Farm } credit-- { woo hoo! That'll be a day when someone uses OUR photos!:} Of course if you would like to write and let us know you are using a photo or two- we would love to hear about it and hear from you!  

Another Bellemeadow difference;

One of our main goals is to maintain a healthy - non- vaccinated -PARASITE RESISTANT HERD! 

We are well on our way to producing Does, Bucks and kids with great parasite resistance. We do not use chemical Wormers or vaccinations, and have found the look, size and vigor of our herd to be outstanding!        

We welcome any questions about our goats or goat raising in general- and we welcome any advice, comments, or suggestions any time!

Thank You for visiting our site!

Bill and Becky Pedersen

Lake City, FL

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